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Experiences fuelled by innovations, forward thinking, and a commitment to bring the very best to Indian roads. From the day the iconic Maruti 800 was launched in 1983, company has been spearheading a revolution of change. Turning an entire country's need for driving, into its love for driving. However, tastes and demands keep on evolving with each new generation of Indians. This has not been looked at by Maruti Suzuki as a challenge, but as an inspiration to go beyond traditional boundanes of car making. Infusing design and technology is one such step it has taken to make its cars meet new age expectations smoothly.. Today. Maruti Suzuki has its eyes set firmly on the possibilities of tomorrow. And everybody is invited on this journey.


Big Ideas to improve your Driving Experience

To make every journey an experience and every experience a memory, Maruti Suzuki puts people at the centre of everything it does.

To give more than just a good-looking car, Maruti Suzuki ensures that every design element serves a purpose. More than design, it’s designed in technology

India comes home in a Maruti Suzuki, and we're not surprised!

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Imagine a world without limits..

Concept Electric SUV eVX reveals Maruti Suzuki’s bold plan towards electric mobility in India. The Concept eVX is underpinned by a ground-up all-electric platform that will spawn a range of future EVs, powered by a 60kWh battery pack offering up to 550km of driving range. The 'Emotional Versatile Cruiser’ - Concept Electric SUV eVX offers a futuristic design with a longer wheelbase and shorter overhang to convey design athleticism and robustness along with unmatched cabin roominess and comfort.